Albergue Tacana , Leticia , Colombia


Welcome /Bienvenido a Albergue Tacana

Secluded Rainforest retreat

You will find a warm welcome and a chance to experience life in the working indigenous community of TACANA, part of the TIKUNA HUITOTO reserve KM6. Come and stay at our jungle guest house in the forest, only 30 minutes from Leticia

Chill in the Rainforest

The pace of life is very tranquil at Tacana, so whether you need a retreat or a base from where to explore the selva you will be at your ease.
Exotic forest fruits including uva, guama, guava, chontadura, umari, caimo, maranon, cocoa, coca and other favorites of the forest people as well as more familiar fruits such as pineapples, bananas, limes, lemons, mangos and star fruit are grown.
Two of the most popular residents at Tacana are Paco and Roberto, hand tame Macaws who live in a large tree alongside the house roam freely about the whole finca.They are joined frequently by wild macaws with whom they socialize (noisily at times!). Other regular visitors to the house include large blue morpho butterflies, three species of hummingbird, giant woodpeckers, eagles, Toucanetes and large flocks of small parrots known locally as pibichos.

Popular activities during your stay at Albergue Tacana

Fishing forest streamsTake yourself off to the Tacana river for a spot of fishing.Its only 10 minutes walk from Albergue Tacana and you hire equipment from the Albergue or locals will make you a simple fishing rod for a few pesos. There are hundreds of types of fish in the river , the favourites are Sabalo , piranha, sardines, palometre, lisa and dormilon. Early morning, early evening and night time are the best times, night fishing must be with a guide .

Visit the MollocasTake a walk through the forest with a local bora mirana guide to one of the two mallocas. The maloca makuna is around 40 minutes walk from the Albergue and the Maloca Gaitan is a further one hours trek. Both are working malocas housing families from the makuna and huitoto tribes. They will show you the elements of the the house and give you an insight into their cultural heritage and life in the forest.

Canoeing + kayaking The best way to see the plants and wildlife along the forest rivers is by canoe or kayak. You can choose from native style dugout canoe or modern kayak. Life jackets provided and local indian guide will help /instruct you as you make your way down the Tacana or Yahaucaca rivers through some of the best forests in the area. More adventurous can travel from Km22 descending down the tacana river to the community or even the order with Brazil..

Nightlife in the rainforest Set off on foot with an native Bora Indian hunter who will act as our guide, we track down the animals of the night. Armed with only torches and cameras we take a walk through the forest at night in search of Tarantulas, bats, treefrogs, nightmonkeys, beetles, moths and occasional encounters with pecari, armadillo and rainbow boas. Talk of 'el duende ' and the spirits of the jungle guaranteed to keep the adrenalin flowing!

Mambe + Coca Everyone of course knows what the rest of the the world uses Coca for , however indians peoples from all over south america grow coca for a variety of uses in everyday life. Whilst staying in Tacana why not take time to learn from a local Bora indian how they use coca, see the whole process of making the mambe, a chewing powder that fends off hunger and thirst , focuses the mind and helps hunters focus there senses in the jungle at night. Learn about the role of mambe in the a typical community.

Tradicional Indigenous + Herbal Therapys Tacana is a great place to chill , you can take you relaxation to a new level with a 'Ducha Herbal' specially prepared from a selection of citrus fruit , maranon, coca and other aromatic leaves. After soaking yourself with the infusion retire to a hammock and wallow in the tranquilty. Whilst in the forest you may also want take the opportunity to enjoy a visit visit from a Shaman who can make contact with the spirit world surrounding you.


Jahe The ceremony of Jahe or Ayahuasca as it is called in Peru,, is performed by Shaman. Shaman are guided by their counterparts in the spirit world and Jahe is the halucinagenic drug which acts as a conduit between the spirit and our world. We can offer a Jahe experience over one or two evenings with a local Shaman to give you a insight into tribal shamism. Albergue Tacana is a 100% Amazonian business owned and operated by Norma Elena Leal Negeteye and family. Proud to be maintaining their Bora Miraña heritage and culture for future generations to enjoy
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